Listing all dependencies without omitted parts

I want to get the entire dependency tree of a project in an easy-to-parse format. I’m currently using a DependencyReportTask in order to print the tree and I’ve made something that works well for parsing it as it is. The only issue I’m having right now is with omitted dependency branches and not getting their entire tree with children for the parsing stage. Is there some way for me to get all dependencies and relations without omitting the parts that have been listed before in the tree? I could potentially implement something during the parsing stage, but it feels like it would be a lot more light-weight if I there was an option to change this during the DependencyReportTask stage so that I get the entire tree from the get-go.

Example of an omitted dependency:

junit:junit:4.12 (*)
(*) - dependencies omitted (listed previously)

The DependencyReportTask does not have built in support to override this omission behavior. You could copy a number of these classes and make the modifications to allow this, write your own from scratch, or switching to a third-party dependency graph plugin (there are a few that output in different formats). None of these are that light-weight though.

Ah okay, that’s a shame. I’ll look into possibly modifying the files myself like you said then. Thank you very much for the reply!