Libs.versions.toml doesn't understand

I’m using a TOML version catalog to try to simplify dependency management in Gradle. However, I’ve run into a pretty serious limitation.

So far, version references contained in the TOML file seem work just fine:

jaxb-api = { module = "jakarta.xml.bind:jakarta.xml.bind-api", version.ref = "jaxb" }

But versions pulled from the don’t seem to work at all:

gradleIsDumb = { module = "gradle.sometimes:is-dumb", version = "${project_version}" }

The second example fails because ${project_version} isn’t evaluated.

I don’t want to use settings.gradle to “hack around” this issue. Is this feature simply not supported yet, and if not, will it ever be?

What is the alternative to this? I’m loath to use Maven, but if it gets the job done I can probably create a BOM file.