Latest snapshot is not downloaded

(Anthony Capozzi) #1

Hi folks,

I’m seeing an issue where Gradle is not downloading the latest snapshot for a dependency. I poked around the forum a little bit and have tried a few things (which I’ll describe below), but I’m still seeing issues. I’m hoping some of you have some other ideas for me to try.

I’ve got both the cacheChangingModulesFor and cacheDynamicVersionsFor resolution strategies set for 0 seconds, and I’ve marked the snapshot dependency as a changing module (although, from what I’ve read, that doesn’t seem like it’s necessary to do explicitly).

The JAR I’m dependent upon is one I’m building myself, so I shouldn’t be running into any transitive dependency issues that may be preventing the latest version from being picked up.

I’m running Gradle 3.3 on Windows 10 Java Home: D:\DEV\jdk1.8.0_112.