Kotlin plugin DSL and PropertyState

It is me again, trying to use the PropertyState DSL in a Kotlin plugin.

Perhaps I am doin something wrong, but I can’t get Gradle to see the default values for PropertyState, but when I pass them on the command-line it works - see the failing and passing tests in this scan: https://scans.gradle.com/s/za47wnxlk65zm#tests

The code of the Kotlin version of the plugin is CodacyPlugin.kt.
For comparison, functionally equivalent Groovy version sans property-state and workers can be seen on the master CodacyPlugin.groovy

I have got a few more questions about the usage of PropertyState with the Kotlin DSL, as inline Github comments on this commit - I please feel free to reply in Github, or in this thread (alternatively I would raise them later as threads in this forum).