keyValue pair in

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Is it possible to give as keyValue pair in If so, how to access them from build.gradle.


In build.gradle, if i give as test,it should return 1.0. Is it possible to do that?

Thanks Smurf

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Why, i need this functionality is:

I am working on a multi module project and each project will be having differnt version. I am planning to have the project name and the version in and iterate that in build.gradle.

Or is there a a different way of doing this Please let me know

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I have resolved this in another way.


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  1. If it is project specific, then it doesn’t have to be in, and you might want it to be saved by your version control system as well. 2. If it is for a multi-project, then maybe you can have this information inside the root build file.

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ok. thanks … Also, one more question.

Is it possible to add a project dependency based on some property?

For example: In build.gradle, can i do as below:

if(testProject) { compile “com.test:testComponent:1.0” }

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I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t.