Just get AAR or JAR from external dependency id string. Possible?

Hi, I have an idea of a plugin and I am wondering:
Is there any simple way to get “aar” or “jar” files from strings like '‘com.makeramen:roundedimageview:2.1.0’ (external dependencies from maven etc)?

This Groovy method in the context of a Project is enough to get all JAR files that would be included by the dependency String:

def resolveDependencyString(String dependencyString) {
    def dependency = dependencies.create(dependencyString)

Note: The returned result is a Set<File> which includes any transitive dependencies. If you need only first level dependencies, take a look at ResolvedConfiguration from the Configuration instead.

the @ in the shortcut notation is used to look for the provided extension attribute of the dependency
'com.makeramen:roundedimageview:2.1.0@aar' will resolve to the artifacts with extension aar Artifact only notationAs
said above, if no module descriptor file can be found, Gradle by
downloads a jar with the name of the module. But sometimes, even if the
repository contains module descriptors, you want to download only the
artifact jar, without
the dependencies.
And sometimes you want to download a zip from a repository, that does not have module descriptors. Gradle provides an artifact only
notation for those use cases - simply prefix the extension that you want to be downloaded with ‘@’ sign: