JettyRun from within eclipse


I try to use gradle + jetty like the maven jetty plugin to run my code without the need to assemble a war.

When doing this in maven (jetty:run goal), I get the following output in the eclipse console: > [INFO] Started Jetty Server > [INFO] Console reloading is ENABLED. Hit ENTER on the console to restart the context.

And a square red ‘terminate button’ is available in the console to stop the job, nice and easy.

With gradle and the jetty plugin applied, I get the following output in a console window (gradle jettyRun): > :compileJava UP-TO-DATE > :compileGroovy UP-TO-DATE > :processResources UP-TO-DATE > :classes UP-TO-DATE > >Building 80% > :jettyRun > Running at http://localhost:9094/JaxRsTryOut2

I can stop this job by issuing ctrl-c.

In eclipse I get the following: > :compileJava UP-TO-DATE > :compileGroovy UP-TO-DATE > :processResources UP-TO-DATE > :classes UP-TO-DATE > :jettyRun

But a red ‘terminate button’ is nowhere to be seen…

How do I go about to get the same functionality (=stop button) in the eclipse console? Why isn’t the url displayed in the eclipse console, while it is displayed in a normal terminal?