Jetty plugin: Auto reloading when source files changes?

(august) #1

I’ve grown accustomed to Grails auto reloading when I save source files. I’m looking to achieve something similar using Gradle and the war + jetty plugin, and it seems that this isn’t possible at the moment.

I attempted to run jetty with daemon: true and set Gradle up so that when the jetty task finished running, I started the watcher plugin and invoked “classes” when stuff in src changed. This worked, except that when you set jetty in daemon mode, it assumes I no longer want auto-watching of compiled class files.

As far as I can tell, the only backwards compatible way to solve this, is to add an additonal flag you can set that tells “daemon = true” to also auto watch, that is false by default. Would a patch like that be welcome?

Are there any other ways of solving this problem?

(Luke Daley) #2

I’d suggest not starting with the Jetty plugin that comes with Gradle.

This plugin is much more capable: