Jenkins website root path

I’m trying to follow the directions here: to set up my Jenkins server to appear at http://myhost/jenkins. It works, but the Jenkins website thinks http://myhost/ is the jenkins/ root.

I believe this problem is caused by the first warning flag on that web page, i.e. that my context path is not set correctly. However, I can’t figure out where to set the context path. The instructions for ubuntu and windows are clear enough, but on Mac OS X 10.6, there is no jenkins.xml file, no /etc/default/jenkins file, and nothing of relevance I can see in ~/.jenkins/config.xml.

So, what am I missing? Where can I tell jenkins that its root is in /jenkins/ instead of /?

Hi Jessica,

I guess you where going to post this question to the Jenkins users mailinglist ( instead of the Gradle discussion forum.