Jenkins can't unzip a zip file

Hello ,
I have create a gradle task to unzip a zip file from Jenkins

  task unzip(type: Copy) {
  File zipFile = file('/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/mysocil_line_revision/app/customization/')
    println ' drawable is exist : '
    println zipFile.exists()
    from zipTree(zipFile)
    println ' unzip start'
    into '/app/src/main/res/'
    fileMode 0777
    dirMode 0777
    println 'Unzip drawable hdpi files...'


The zip file is uploaded at the correct folder …
From console of Jenkins, I see the message 'Unzip drawable hdpi files…'
But I have a problem
"Cannot expand ZIP as it does not exist."

From Android Studio, the task is working fine …

Any help ?

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