Javascript plugin that enables dependency management of *.js libraries like Maven plugin does

(Ondrej Steger) #1

We have a common javascript libraries that should be shared across different project. Our idea is to have a separate project for javascripts that will deploy artifact *.js into our local maven archiva repository. The structure of the artifact should be the same as of the Java artifacts.

Then in the other projects we will declare a dependency on our javascript libraries and the plugin will fetch the libraries from repository and copy it to specified location, even with transient dependencies.

The above mentioned works (somehow) in Maven plugin javascript-maven-plugin from Codehaus.

(Luis Trigueiros) #2

Yeap this would be a killer feature

(Ben Manes) #3

Maybe WebJars would work?

(Nicolas Mongrain-Lacombe) #4

Have you lookes at node.js