Javadoc task does not generate "use" page

In an attempt to migrate from Maven to Gradle I tried to use the javadoc task of the “java” plugin to generate a javadoc artifact jar. But the generated jar (and the html files in the build/docs/javadoc directory) had a significantly smaller size than that generated from Maven’s javadoc plugin with default settings/configuration.
Inspecting the generated files it looks like Gradle does not invoke the javadoc executable with the “-use” parameter to generate the “Use” page.
I also did not find any way to specify this setting in the Javadoc DSL:

How can I tell Gradle’s javadoc task to do that?

The link to the DSL shows the options as being an implementation of the MinimalJavadocOptions interface. If you drill down to the StandardJavadocDocletOptions implementation, you should see the use parameter there.

This will work for the standard javadoc task, but of course you can configure the same thing if you have defined your own Javadoc tasks:

javadoc {
    options.use = true

Thanks a lot! I indeed did not look at the derived types of MinimalJavadocOptions. Still quite a Gradle newbie. :slight_smile: