Javadoc - @apiNote, @implNote, @implSpec

Out of the box, Gradle does not enable support for Java’s @apiNote, @implNote and @implSpec javadoc taglets. Would be nice if Gradle enabled that out of the box. But even in terms of manual setup, I have been unable to figure out the correct way to do that. What I have (that does not work) is:

javadoc {
    configure( options ) {
            'apiNote:a:"API Note:"',
            'implSpec:a:"Implementation Requirements:"',
            'implNote:a:"Implementation Note:"'

However, none of them get rendered.

Any pointers?

You likely don’t want the quotes, but there seems to be missing details here. Copying what you posted (removing the ...s) and using any of those tags in a sample file renders for me across several JDK and Gradle versions as follows: