when running Jacoco inside an Android Kotlin project

I’m not able to generate code coverage reports using Jacoco plugin inside an Android project, written entirely in Kotlin. Build fails with a on a path containing an $inlined segment. When I navigate into the classes folder I notice that the path actually has the $$inlined segment, with double dollar sign.

Link to the issue opened in the Jacoco project on GitHub:

Jacoco Plugin Version:
Gradle Version: 2.14.1
Operating System: OSX 10.11.6
Is this a regression? If yes, which version of Gradle do you know it last worked for? Most likely not, observed same issue using Gradle 2.10.

Example project:
Build scan:

Thank you for your report! With your project I could easily reproduce the problem. I opened GRADLE-3511 to track the bug and fixed the bug on the 3.0 release branch. This means a fix for this problem should be included in 3.0-rc-1.

Hi Stefan_Wolf,

Thanks for fixing this! Looking forward to the release.

Thanks Stefan,

I can confirm that this issue is fixed at least with gradle 3.1 and I verified it also against Egors example project.