Java Compile Error with Library


i want to build a multiproject and have some trouble with a java class that does not compile.
Following Error i get: error: cannot find symbol
    else if ( !StringUtils.isEmpty( this.invalidChars ) && StringUtils.containsAny( newName, this.invalidChars ) )
  symbol:   method containsAny(String,String)
  location: class StringUtils error: cannot find symbol
                         || StringUtils.startsWith( colProperty, "MediaAssetLang.AlternateText_" ) //$NON-NLS-1$
   symbol:   method startsWith(String,String)
   location: class StringUtils 

Now i have run the depedencies task for this project and get the following:

|    +--- eclipse-luna-sr2:org.apache.commons.lang:2.6.0.v201404270220 -> 2.6.0.v201404270220

According to the documentation this methods exists in the org.apache.commons.lang package since 2.4 Version.

What can i do to investigate this problem further?
Can i tell gradle that it should use org.apache.commons.lang3, maybe that helps.
Any help would be appreciated.