Java Build Question Using Vocareum Labs

I was unable to find an ATA (Amazon Technical Academy) community forum on here. So posting my question here.

As part of a lab exercise on conditionals, the instructions require entering the following 2 lines of code between the // characters. The method simpleConditional accepts an int type and returns a simple message stored in a String variable called answer.

In order to advance in the exercise, each step must successfully be built/compiled and run. However I keep getting build errors on something as simple as this???

What seemed so incredibly simple has become a nightmare to decipher. The compiler keeps indicating of the 3 tasks, 2 executed, 1 up to date. The only help is this forum. My code is below:

public class ConditionalStatements {

 * This method is used for problem one in the README.
 * @param price A price that will be passed in by the test.
 * @return String A string used to validate the test.
public String simpleConditional(int price) {
    String answer = null;
    // TODO: Write Step 1 code between the forward slashes
      if(price<20) { 
        answer = "Buyng new shirt";
    return answer;

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Besides the typo in your message I do not see any error.
But this also is not a general Java help forum but a forum for help with Gradle.
If you have a compile error, that is not a Gradle problem, but a problem of your code.
And the compiler also tells you exactly what it does not like, just scroll up.

If you are using IntelliJ or Android Studio you might easily miss it due to this annoyance: so you need to select a higher node in the tree to see the actual error details.

Hey were you able to get an answer? I was also looking for a community for this area. Any luck?