Jar Task of the Java Plugin has incorrect up-to-date check

When changing filtered Resources, the Jar task’s up-to-date check doesn’t always work. When the version variable changes in the example below, processResources is executed correctly (content of the file in build/resources changes), but the jar - task says it’s up-to-date.

The up-to-date check sometimes seems to work, but not always. I can provide an small example project if this would help.

apply plugin: 'java'
  version = '2.0.0'
 inputs.property('version', project.version)
    filter (org.apache.tools.ant.filters.ReplaceTokens,
        tokens: ['project.version': project.version])

edit: oh, sorry forgot to mention that I work with Milestone 7.

A small example project would certainly help.

Can’t find a way to attach a file. Should I send it to the dev - Mailing - list?

Either that, or create an issue at http://issues.gradle.org

OK. Created GRADLE-2096.