jacocoTestReport task does not have a dependency on test task as stated in documentation

The documentation for the jacoco plugin says the following:

If the Java plugin is also applied to your project, a new task named jacocoTestReport is created that depends on the test task.

This does not seem to be the case for me. [I’m using 1.10-rc-2]

As you can see below, the jacocoTestReport task is skipped unless I exclusively execute the test task. Is this intentional and mis-documented, or is there a bug? Thanks.

Here is a run without the test task specified:

% g clean jacocoTestReport
./gradlew clean jacocoTestReport
:jacocoTestReport SKIPPED

Here is a run with test task listed on command line

% g clean test jacocoTestReport
./gradlew clean test jacocoTestReport
:processTestResources UP-TO-DATE


We have a jira ticket for this. There’s some discussion on what should be the correct behavior.

Thanks for the reminder!