Jacoco test coverage report Gradle 3.4.1

For a school project, I have to analyze an open source software. I want to see the test coverage of Gradle 3.4.1 made with jacoco, but I just can’t get it working. I assume people have done this before, so can anyone share the Jacoco report of the latest version of Gradle?

Thanks in advance!

It’s unlikely someone has exactly what you want. The Gradle project only applies the Jacoco plugin in tests to test the plugin implementation itself, so it’s not something that everyone building Gradle would have unless they were specifically trying to do something like what you’re doing.

This being a Gradle forum, you’re probably better off asking how to get a Gradle build to generate what you want if you share what you’ve tried and what you expect in the report. The simplest implementation is going to give you one report per subproject, but you may be looking for one for the whole project. You’d also need to consider if you want just unit test coverage or integration test suites as well.

@Hugo Currently JaCoCo is not enabled for the tests in Gradle core. I’d suggest you provide a pull request if you are interested in it. Then you’d be able to check the coverage metric at any time.

Thanks for your kind answers, seems that my questions wasn’t as easy as I thought.