JaCoCo agent path problem with multi-module project


JaCoCo agent path is invalid in the jvm args with multi-module project.:


Paths need to use the $projectDir as root of the relative path, or did I miss some configuration here?



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Any chance you could put together a sample project with the problem?


I created a small sample project, gradle 1.6 was used.


I raised GRADLE-2859 for this. I found the problem (details on linked issue to that issue).

As a workaround, you need to do this for the test task:

systemProperties[‘user.dir’] = workingDir

Thanks for the solution!

I tried flowing this assignment down to all test tasks, which would include intTest-type tasks, in my multiproject build with

allprojects {

tasks.withType(Test) {

systemProperties[‘user.dir’] = workingDir

} }

but the jacocoagent problem persists.