I've been working on this for a week but it never works

hello, I’ve seen an old post describing a problem with implementing a pipeline for and android app.
I’m using azure devops for a school project and i’m still new into this
I’m trying to build an Android application with the Gradle task in an Azure DevOps pipeline

but i either get this error (i tried Gradle@2 and 3)

Or when I’m trying to specify java version (jdkVersionOption) it doesn’t work, no matter what java version i try)
The agent has java 19, but also when i try to do java tool installer for any version of java, it doesn’t work either (preinstalled)

I’m also beginner at this so please make is simple for me :slight_smile:

As I said in that other thread, either use a newer Gradle or older Java version.
How you use an older Java version in an Azure pipeline is probably more a question for some Azure pipeline community, not for the Gradle forums. :wink:

I have changed gradle into 7.6 ( i don’t know how to downgrade java)
but now i’m in front of a new problem Build Scan® | Gradle Cloud Services

Yeah, well, you have a bunch of compilation errors in your file plugins/src/main/kotlin/extension/DependencyHandleScope.kt.

I’m sorry but can you help me more, do you have ideas about solving it?
I really don’t understand what’s going on ( as I said i’m still a beginner and this is my first time using gradle and builds…)

I can hardly guess what you did wrong in your code.
You have a compilation error, that has nothing in particular to do with Gradle, even though it seems to be Gradle related code you try to compile there.