It's hard to find documentation for the next release

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(Sterling Greene) #2

This happens the week we stabilize the release branch before we put out a RC. Sometimes we move things from one release into the next and polish the release notes.

For that week, nightly becomes the next-next release and the closest you can get to the next release (before we put out a RC) is looking for a release snapshot here:

(Ned Twigg) #3

This happens the week we stabilize the release branch before we put out a RC

I believe you, but it feels like it’s always set to the next-next because of sampling bias. This has been bothering me for a long time, but I only just built up enough frustration to post about it.

I love Gradle, and I’m always excited to get the latest goodies you put out. This is how I interact with your release process - your analytics can confirm if I’m an outlier or the norm.

  • I’m on the latest version, and very happy.
  • I get a newsletter from Hans Dockter which hints at some of the new features.
  • I go to the download page and can’t find the release notes for the new stuff that’s coming out.

After several releases of mild frustration, I finally posted.

I’d also be happy to be an RC early-adopter, but I’m never quite sure when an RC is available, and where I can get its docs. I would love it if the download page made it clear what the latest RC is, and where I can get its docs. I think it’s a bug that it’s easier to interact with the nightly than the RC, especially right at the time that you’re driving traffic to your download page by sending a newsletter.

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I see the download page now has a page for info on the latest RC. Thanks a ton! Coincidentally, the current RC (2.13-rc-2) has some features I need, so I’m excited to try my first ever gradle rc.