Issues trying to use custom plugin

I created a custom standalone plugin project that uses external dependencies to do its work. Some of those dependencies are the Java AWS Sdk cloudformation client and depedency injection with Guice.

I can build my plugin without errors, and my test work well, but when I try to use my plugin in another project. I get this error:

* What went wrong:
Could not create task ':my-project:createResources'.
> Could not create task of type 'CreateResources'.
   > Could not generate a decorated class for type CreateResources.
      > com/google/inject/Injector

“createResources” is the task on my plugin.

I’m thinking that maybe is related to the build of my plugin, because I don’t think the generated jar contains the dependencies inside. I tried to use the “shadowJar” plugin to create a Fat Jar, but it did not worked.

Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks

Here is the build.gradle from my external project that is trying to use my plugin

 buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath files([

apply plugin: ""