Issue with loading native library nddsjava.dll when upgrading from JDK 8 to JDK 17 and Gradle 6.6 to 7.3

Hello everyone,

I’ve encountered a problem while updating my project from JDK 8 to JDK 17 and Gradle 6.6 to 7.3. After the update, one of my JUnit tests is failing with an ExceptionInInitializerError. In the stack trace, I’ve identified the root cause as follows:

“The library nddsjava.dll could not be loaded by Windows. Make sure that the library is in your path environment variable.”

I have confirmed that this library is available under my build/natives directory. It’s worth noting that this is a native JAR and all other libraries load correctly at runtime… I’ve attempted to set my environment variables, but the issue persists. What’s interesting is that when I run this JUnit test on a Linux environment, it passes successfully.

I’ve been struggling with this issue for the past three days and would greatly appreciate any help or insights on how to resolve it.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!