Issue when Apache cordova use gradle to build application - UNABLE TO CHANGE THE distributionURL PARAMETER in file

When cordova build android apps, it uses gradle and downloads one of its versions @ runtime from the URL
I am working over a Corporate firewall network where this URL is blocked.
I have dowloaded this zip file and need gradle to pick this file and not the url.
Changed distributionURL field in file but everytime i run the build command, the field gets changed to its original value. UNABLE TO CHANGE THE distributionURL PARAMETER
How to change the properties file to pick the offline zip file or is there any other way to do this??

I don’t know what the requirements of the distributionURL property are, but I did notice that it requires a backslash before the :. Here’s the content of the wrapper properties file I modified myself:

#Wed Feb 03 20:06:16 GMT 2016

heyy pledbrook!! thanx for reply
I tried to change http to https…even that was not working.
stille using the old url