Is there an ETA on the next release of the gradle-jenkins-plugin?

The last release of the gradle-jenkins-plugin is out of date with the latest jenkins core DSL. Is there a projected release date for a new plugin that upgrades to the jenkins job dsl core version 1.43?

The Jenkins plugin is maintained by people outside of the Gradle core team. I’d suggest you open an issue directly on the project page of the Jenkins plugin.

Hi @lstreepy,

I was going to release a new version of the plugin pretty soon. Could you explain what you mean with “out of date with the latest jenkins core dsl”? I am not aware of any issue.
If you mean the job dsl plugin then you need to be aware that the support for the Jenkins Gradle plugin in the job dsl is not part of the Jenkins Gradle plugin but of the job dsl plugin itself.


Understood. It is the version of the core dsl library that you declare as a dependency in the gradle-jenkins-plugin build.gradle file. Currently, it is set to 1.42 and 1.43 is out, with several changes including a lot to the extended email configuration. I was trying to build some job dsl within your plugin using the job dsl online docs and things were out of sync. So, if, when you release your next version, you bump to 1.43 (or the latest at the time) of job dsl, life will be good.


@lstreepy Stefan pointed out that maybe you were referring to the “Jenkins plugin for Gradle” (which I maintain) rather than the “Gradle plugin for Jenkins” (which @Stefan_Wolf maintains). I’ve been meaning to release a new version for some time, but haven’t gotten around to it. I will try to get something pushed out there this weekend. Thanks for the nudge.

Sorry to have confused things.

I appreciate the quick turn around. Watching your video presentation really got me thinking about maintaining our jenkins builds in a way that lets us make it part of out configuration management. Very cool - thanks for writing the plugin!