Is there a way to get all dependencies of a custom configuration in a Gradle plugin?

I have a Gradle plugin where I have a custom configuration, and I am trying to get all dependencies of said configuration. However, my current code does not print anything to console.

Here is my code:

public class TestPlugin implements Plugin<Project>
    public static final String VERSION = "1.0.0";

    public void apply(Project project)
        project.getLogger().lifecycle("TestPlugin: " + VERSION);
        Configuration testConfig = project.getConfigurations().create("testConfig");

        for(Dependency dependency : testConfig.getDependencies())
            project.getLogger().lifecycle(" " + dependency.getName());

I have no idea why this code does not work, “TestPlugin: 1.0.0” prints to console fine so it is not a console problem. I am new to Gradle plugins, am I doing this wrong?

Thanks for help in advance

I think your problem is timing, you’re calling Configuration.getDependencies() before it’s been configured. Most gradle collections support “live” methods which receive events for future configurations. Try

testConfig.dependencies.all { dep

See DomainObjectCollection.all(Closure)

Thanks for the help. However, I am writing the plugin in Java, so is there a way to do this in Java, not Groovy?

Edit: Nevermind, I found a solution after reading your reply properly. To anyone reading this in the future you should add a ProjectEvaluationListener and get the list of dependencies after evaluation .

Using the after evaluate event is hacky, much better to react to events as they happen on the collection instead.

I am writing the plugin in Java, so is there a way to do this in Java

You can use DomainObjectCollection.all(Action<T>)