Is there a way I can specify a different source classifier for a dependency?

I really like the way the Idea plugin for Gradle automatically grabs sources and adds them to my project, but sometimes I run into artifacts that don’t use ‘-sources’ for the classifier. For example, hessian is using ‘-src’. Is there a way I can give Gradle a hint so it automagically grabs those sources for me?

I also see GRADLE-201 as a generic way of downloading sources. I would love to be able to run a task that tries to download all sources + javadocs and creates a report showing which artifacts have or don’t have sources + javadocs available. Since I use a Maven proxy (Nexus) it would be an extremely simple way of ensuring I always have a local copy (and backup) of all the current sources + javadocs relevant to my project.

There isn’t currently a way to tell the IDEA plugin to automatically process source Jars with a classifier other than ‘sources’. It should, however, be possible to explicitly add those Jars to a separate configuration and then hook into the IDEA plugin (possibly on the XML level) to add them to the .iml file.