Is there a function corresponding to the excludepackagenames?

(Cazen Lee) #1

Good day this is Cazen!
Could I kindly ask a question related in gradle build?

Actually, I tried to convert our old ant build system to gradle.
It looks OK but some differences have been found.
Most of this option can be converted to gradle, However “excludepackagename” was not possible.
(see the excludepackagename)

If the structure of the source looks like below:

  • src/main/java/
  • src/main/java/runtime/ implement and override some method. And javadocs will be generated based on the superclasses javadoc. It looks fine.
But the “excludepackagename” was used to exclude the javadoc of the inteface in the final product. I couldn’t find any suitable function in gradle(tried to use “exclude FileInterface” but result does not contain any superclass’s javadoc in

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile: