Is it possible to publish maven artifact without pom.xml?


we have quite unique situation. We are packaging native binaries from both linux and Windows platforms from different machines (Ubuntu & Windows 7). We are using standard maven-publish plugin.

We are publishing artifacts with the same Maven GAV and they only differ in classifier. This is causing problems during publishing as the 2nd platform will try to publish the pom.xml, which is already published. The deployment user has no overwrite access by purpose.

Is there any way to publish maven artifacts without publishing the pom.xml ?

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I found this question here and on stackoverflow… still no good answer anywhere.

Surely the concept of releasing on Windows, including publishing the artifacts, and then checking out the release tag on Linux and publishing Linux artifacts is not that crazy of an idea.

How can we suppress the re-publishing of the pom when overwriting on the server is not allowed?

I used to just do the release and the linux artifact would be uploaded before attempting to upload the pom, so the result was something that failed late enough that it sort of “worked”… Now I’m hitting an error uploading the pom and the other files (.rpm , .deb) haven’t been uploaded yet.