Is it possible to map a dependency to a repository directly?

I know this goes against the grain perhaps, but it would be really nice from a performance standpoint, when in continuous development to optionally tie a specific dependency to a specific repository. Sometimes I have 4 repositories, and not always have a best preference for ordering the repositories. Sometimes I have the same dependency in 2 repos, but for whatever reason I want to target a specific repo rather than comment out 1.

Without this there is often a lot of time waiting for dependencies to be resolved, especially when I’m working in automating big build sequences, clearing and rebuilding dependencies, switching from file based to repo, doing phased switching from internal to customer repos, etc, etc.

Is this possible or at least as a future enhancement?

Thanks Warren

This isn’t currently possibly, but has been discussed before, and I’m sure you’ll find some feature requests logged in JIRA. A potential alternative is to declare a single repository in the build, and manage the lookup strategy on the repository manager side. This may also perform better than declaring multiple repositories in the build.