Is Gradle supposed to create the container configuration method?

I am under the impression that for objects instantiated by the Gradle instantiator (tasks, extensions, etc), whenever we declare a property like this:

NamedDomainObjectContainer<T> foo

Gradle would automatically create a method like this

void foo(Closure c) { foo.confiugure(c) }

I tried that and as of Gradle 4.3.1 it seems there is no such method so I wrote my own.

Am I doing something wrong? Do you need sample code?

This is not auto-generated from the property, but from a method that takes an Action

void foo(Action config) {

Do you always have to coerce a Closure into an Action when using the Groovy DSL in the above context?

Thanks, I see that the closure gets coerced to action and receives the domain object as argument, but this is not the same as using the configure {...} method. In particular, it appears that the closure delegate is not set or at least IDEA does not recognize the container DSL inside the closure.

In other words, instead of doing:

foo.configure {
   barBaz { dux=1 } 
   bazQux { dux=1 }

I need to do:

foo { c ->
   c.create('barBaz') { dux=1 } 
   c.create('bazQux') { dux=1 }

Is that right?

Also, where can I see what kind of decorations does the Gradle instantiator add to my objects?
(If there is no documentation, could you point me to the code that does that?)

The object that has the container method needs to be created through the ObjectFactory, otherwise the Closure-taking method will not be generated. Then you can simply do

foo {
  barBaz { dux=1 } 

The object is being created as an extension, doesn’t that use the ObjectFactory internally?

Yes, so that should just work. Do you have some example code showing that the above script doesn’t work?

Right now I am using the non-dsl style in my build, so I don’t have an example handy. I didn’t really try whether the DSL worked as at that time there were other problems in the code, but it was red in IntelliJ editor - there is a chance that it was an IDE problem.

Will try again later and if necessary post example code here or a link to YouTrack issue.