Is gradle marking testng test as fail even when retry is happening

Hi There,

I am stuck with one of weird problem with gradle/testng. I have few flaky tests written using testng + java. To reduce false failures, i have used testng retry methodology of failed tests and i have also implemented ISuiteListener to remove duplicate of failures or remove false failures from final report. However gradle is reporting test as failure even before retry of failed tests completion or still ISuiteListener execution is in progress.

How to avoid this? Tests are able to pass consistantly after retry of failed tests however gradle is marking tests are failure. Need your advice on how i should proceed next.

task integrationSmokeTestsBackend(type: Test) {
useTestNG() {
includeGroups 'testME’
options.listeners << 'com.test.util.SuiteResultListener’
options.listeners << ‘com.test.util.RetryCustomReporter’

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