Introducing Gradle Community Slack

Let’s talk about the new things we all are building around Gradle.

Use this link to join the Gradle Community Slack — I and other Gradle teams will be sharing early updates about major projects, discussing upcoming features and events, and more.

We hope you will add your voice.

Now there is also a searchable archive of the public channels not restricted to the limits of the free Slack plan at Gradle-community | Community-support

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Hello @eriwen @Vampire,

I’m unable to join Gradle Community on Slack using above links. It seems to require @* domain email to register at the moment.

Gradle | Search for Help with Gradle Build Tool shows the current link

Hello, I actually get the same error with the like from that page, and that link.

It seems the invite link is broken right now.
You can use this one the next 30 days: Slack
Not needed anymore, the original link got fixed.

The page says you need @gradle email account in order to join. I’d like to join. Whom do I contact to get an invite?

It’s broken again: Slack invite link is broken again · Issue #24717 · gradle/gradle · GitHub

Work-around for the next 30 days: Slack
Official link is updated