Intellij Kotlin DSL Integration

Hey! I just got an issue with intellij and it’s integration with Gradle Kotlin DSL. I’m making java-conventions with build-logics and buildSrc (see).

I cloned the example project and I got this error. Can someone help me?

It should show this: JavaCompile not it: JavaCompile at the end of line 9.
This means that the sam with receiver Kotlin compiler plugin is not setup correctly in IntelliJ.
This should happen automatically on properly importing a Gradle project (that is not using the idea task for example).

If you can reproduce this behavior, you should probable report a bug to JetBrains.
In the meantime I’d try to “Invalidate Caches and Restart”, and / or refreshing the Gradle project, and / or deleting the IntelliJ metadata and freshly import the project.