:languageNative:integTest failure with vs2015




Running gradlew languageNative on a Win7 with VS2015, one gets


org.gradle.language.c.CLanguageIncrementalBuildIntegrationTest > rebuilds executable with source file change [visual c++ 2015 (14.0.0)]

I have no idea where to look for fixing this issue. Can someone give me some pointers?


Z:\git\gradle-mc>gradlew --version

Gradle 3.2-20160930000021+0000

Build time: 2016-09-30 00:00:21 UTC
Revision: 6e814ee56c8cfa40699afd79220aa4e0a4a7d618

Groovy: 2.4.7
Ant: Apache Antâ„¢ version 1.9.6 compiled on June 29 2015
JVM: 1.7.0_51 (Oracle Corporation 24.51-b03)
OS: Windows 7 6.1 amd64

Z:\git\gradle-mc>git log
commit 31d955982cdee611ff3a885d7eaf9f788456a1d8
Merge: 6b597fc b0f06d7
Author: Francis ANDRE zosrothko@orange.fr
Date: Fri Oct 7 16:03:35 2016 +0200

Merge remote-tracking branch 'gradle/master' into windows-message-compiler

commit b0f06d7ffa7cbba43773eea696b9cdaee756c25d
Author: Lrnt Pintr lorant@gradle.com
Date: Fri Oct 7 15:16:41 2016 +0200

Beautify code

+review REVIEW-6293

commit 3ca3d249ca28e0ff4cfc0278b47c177ee4dd67e8