Integrating gradle with postman/Newman collection


I have automated postman collections… I have integrated these collections with Jenkins.

But as a end result, I want this collection to integrate with Gradle and produce gradle report.

I couldn’t create build.gradle script file , I need your help to integrate the gradle for postman collections.

Kindly support

Hi. We had the same situation: regression testing with postman on jenkins. We ended up with writing a shell script but that was less satisfying. So I wrote my own gradle plugin which is able to run collection files. Here you go:

Hi Simomat ,

i am using your workspace you uploaded in git and it worked like magic to run my postman collection . There is one issue which i am facing to run the collection where i need to supress SSL error . In newman we can run the comman "newman run postman.json – insecure "

How could we pass this parameter --insecure when running through gradle plugin

I have a similar requirement as Bibhuti’s, wherein I am trying to run the collections from local, I need to disable the SSL Certificate during execution as most of our server’s access is restricted from local machine. I came to know that we can instruct newman to disable strict SSL by using this command: --insecure.
But how can I pass this command to newman while using your gradle plugin?