Input property 'classpath' file "File location" has been removed

Hi, i am having problem with Package task, As it is re-executing all Junit testcases one more time which are already executed in Build Task.
When I looked into the console log of gradle build, it is saying that Task ‘:test’ is not up-to-date because Input property ‘classpath’ file “FileLocation” has been removed.
Actually package task should not execute those Junit test cases which are already executed in Build task.
So Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Hi Vinod,

can you give me a little more detail about your build? It seems that you have a package task. That task is not something which comes out-of-the-box with Gradle. So I guess a plugin is contributing this task. The console log states quite clearly that a file has been removed from the classpath and therefore the tests need to be re-executed. Do you expect that the package task does not depend on test execution?


Hi Stefan,

Package task should not execute JUnit testcases which are already executed in the Build task.