Inheriting the dependencies from parent project

Hi Team

We have around 40 + projects and very less projects are in maven. We are planning to convert them as well.
In Maven we have an option and it’s packaging type as POM. This will be helpful to inherit the dependencies to another project.
Maven Project (war file) -1
Maven Project (jar file ) - 2
Maven project - 40

We have a project called GenericProject with common dependecies these will be utili
sed by all 40 + services

.... ...

In gradle do we have any such kind of functionality in gradle.

We are using springboot for all 40+ individual projects when we want to change we suppose to change it in all 40 + services to avoid this issue, looking for one project which hold all common libraries.

Note: These services are not subprojects/submodules, individual projects

You could for example have one Gradle Plugin project where you build a convention plugin that applies the common dependencies. This plugin you then apply to every project where you want to have them. Just like how you should do it with other common build logic too.

Thank you for your reply.

I have created a plugin and published to mavenLocal i can see the files with extension jar pom sha256/512 etc files. I am unable to include in the project. (Geeting an exception like project name not found in the repository, i have added mavenlocal in gradle project)

I tried with different approach, i have a project which generates the pom file, fro…gradle i have added by using dependencies implementation project(name of the project) it’s working partially. Only spring boot version i was able to see from that project but not the dependencies.

Could you please help me.

Thanks in advance!!!

Unfortunately not, at it is totally unclear to me what you try to say, and you neither provide exact error message nor concrete example of what your tried.