Info output for build cache

(Bob Bell) #1

In previous versions of Gradle, if gradle was invoked with the --info option and the build cache was in effect, there would be output like: Appendingto build cache key

This output appears to be removed, at least at the “info” level of output, from Gradle 4.6 (and 4.7). This output was really useful when I tried to demonstrate to other DevOps engineers how the build cache worked.

Is there a way to get this output back, particularly without all printing all of the debug level output?

(Stefan Wolf) #2

Hi Bob,

there is now the flag org.gradle.caching.debug, which, when set to true, causes printing out all the hashes (see the build cache guide).


(Bob Bell) #3

Thanks, @Stefan_Wolf. That’s perfect. I guess I hadn’t revisited that page since the change was made.