Incremental tests with Jenkins / Hudson

Is there a simpler/nicer solution to update the time of UP-TO-DATE test task result. The update of the test results is needed to work with Jenkins / Hudson. I think on a flag like updateResultTimestamp=true

A description of the problem and a solution can you find here:

In CI builds I personally prefer reproducibility and consistency over execution performance. This mean that I usually run a “clean” first and avoid using incremental builds. I am not aware of another way to update the test results timestamp.

This can be valid for small systems with a small count of tests. But for systems where all test to run it need multiple days this is not practicable. The feedback to the developers will be need to long.

For a clean run there is a second system.

I understand that running tests can take a long time. Multiple days sounds very long. It seems like you mainly have integration/functional tests.