Include a JAR from Nexus Repo as part of AAR

Hi Team ,
I have a Android Library Project .
I want to add a JAR downloaded from a nexus repository as part of the Library’s output (AAR’s “/libs/” folder).

How can i achieve this ? How can i tell my Library’s assemble task to pick the compile dependency and package along with it’s other outputs .

This is needed because we are releasing this to our customers and we want their integration effort to be very simple . Hence want to add our internal library dependencies as part of our AAR itself .

Basically as mentioned in the anotamy of AAR (
I want to add a jar inside “/libs/.jar”
Please let me know a way to do that .

Thanks for the help in advance .

This is not going into assemble, but into the task build ARR. There you say:

from xxx 
into '/libs'

xxx might be from a configuration, or it might be a local file.