In Milestone5, processResources now copies to resources directory

hey guys,

i would upgrade gradle to mst 5 but there were some known issues that break our build. therefore i upgrade gradle to nightly mst6 build. it works fine till i would processResources. processResources copies resources into resources directory not in classes dir since mst6. is that right correct? desired behaviour? do you want to maintain it?

thanks in advanced!


Yes this change was made soon after Milestone 3 was released: seems to have been missed from the breaking changes thought -sorry!

This was an intentional change; if for some reason you need all of the classes and resources together in a single directory, it’s relatively simple to do so. Something like:

task classesAndResources(type: Sync, dependsOn: ['compileJava', 'processResources']) {
    from "$buildDir/classes"
    from "$buildDir/resources"
    into "$buildDir/classes_and_resources"
classes.dependsOn classesAndResources

Why do you need these files together? There might be a better way to solve your problem.

Thanks for the fast reply!