In-depth documentation for more advanced Gradle-based Ant Targets?

Gradle has some documentation for Ant, but it doesn’t seem to tell us how we can map Ant targets to there Gradle equivalent. It does show how to map a small subset of Ant targets, but it doesn’t show how to do advanced usages of that subset. So am I missing this documentation, or does it not exist.

I have the code below of what I want to do. I think I need a chained mapper, but I don’t know how the DSL should look like.


I was having a slight inconvenience with my current Gradle Task. Either I can ignore the problem (just for now) or I can have 2 ant calls which will basically double the time to execute my Gradle task.

I have seen that using pure Ant, I can do this with just one Ant copy XML tag. I want to replicate that to reduce my execution time.

However, I cannot find the documentation to understand how to accurately map Ant targets to Gradle Ant tasks. So where can I find this documentation? I think I need a Chained Mapper

I have checked these documentation pages…



doLast {

    println("Syncing files...\n\tfrom\t'$intelliJColorSchemeDir' \n\tto\t\t'$sourceDir'")
    println("Renaming file extension")

    // Sync files from IntelliJ's color scheme and rename extension
    ant.copy(todir: sourceDir) {
        fileset(dir: intelliJColorSchemeDir)
        mapper(type: "glob", from: "*.icls", to: "*.xml")

        // Cannot do this as there will then be 2 mappers
        // mapper(type: "glob", from: "ChroMATERIAL IntelliJ IDEA*.*", to: "ChroMATERIAL*.*")    // TODO wildcards don't work in this case. Why? Should I just not use wildcards? Would kind of prefer wildcards though

    // ALTERNATIVE 2nd ant target - would like to have this be in the above ant `copy` target
    // Rename one specific file
    ant.move(todir: sourceDir) {
        fileset(dir: sourceDir)
        mapper(type: "glob", from: "ChroMATERIAL IntelliJ IDEA.xml", to: "ChroMATERIAL.xml")

    println("Syncing task completely finished!")


What is the motivation for using Ant for this case? I believe you can do all of that in a single Copy task or using one project.copy closure.

Example with just project.copy.

copy {
  into sourceDir
  from intelliJColorSchemeDir, {
    include '**'
    rename '(.+)\.icls', '$1.xml'
    rename 'ChroMATERIAL IntelliJ IDEA.xml','ChroMATERIAL.xml'

While you typed in the code correctly, the website changes the double \\ into a single \. Just for future reference ^^.

Also, that code does what I want, but the original question remains unanswered. I still want to know where I can find the in-depth Ant material.

I am asking because a previous task I wrote could only be done with Ant, and I had no idea that it could not easily be done with Gradle; however, it was very easy with Ant. A Gradle developer suggested I use ant.move. I didn’t know I could do that, I don’t know when I can do that in the future.

So my question is where can I found out how to do Ant tasks in-depth. Right now I have to search Ant documentation (which I never used before), see what is available to use, then do an advanced Github search of Gradle files that contain that task name, and see how it is used. I cannot go to any documentation in Gradle that I have found.

By the way, the Ant code for my original question is…

doLast {

    ant.copy(todir: sourceDir) {
        ant.fileset(dir: intelliJColorSchemeDir)
        ant.firstmatchmapper {
            ant.globmapper(from: "ChroMATERIAL IntelliJ IDEA.icls", to: "ChroMATERIAL.xml")
            ant.globmapper(from: "*.icls", to: "*.xml")
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I share your pain. Try to work back from Ant docs to something that is usable in Gradle can be a bumpy road. It is not helped by the fact that the Ant are incomprehensible in places.