Improvements to speed up eclipseClaspath task for sources and javadoc

I have a legacy project with a LOT of dependencies I’m actively converting from ant to gradle. I would like to use the eclipse tasks to generate the eclipse project meta-data (eventually I"ll try out STS gradle plugin)

Trouble is, because of all my dependencies, the first time a user runs the eclipse task, it takes forever to iterate over each dependency and look to see if there are sources/javadoc jars that can be included (this take 16 minutes currently). I can probably make some optimizations in my nexus repo to make this a bit faster, but its probably still will be too long, considering that 99% of the time I don’t actually need these files.

I understand there is a way to turn this off so that source and javadoc won’t be automatically downloaded. However, I can’t seem to find that in the documentation.

That being said, the 1% of the time I do want to step through and troubleshoot a dependency from within eclipse, it would be nice if the eclipse plugin provided the ability for me from the command line to specify the particular source/javadoc library I want and inject that into my project’s current .classpath. So I only have to specify the ones I want vs having to get everything.

Obviously, I don’t know upfront which libraries I might need to step through and troubleshoot, so the ability of the eclipse plugin to allow me to on the command line to get one library and inject it into the classpath would be a great convienience.



We want to dramatically speed up this process over the next couple of weeks. We would review your idea in the case the time needed for updating the eclipse metadata is still too slow.