Improvement request: Update Ant to 1.9.6

We are deploying our Java application via Web Start which requires our jars to be signed with a valid code signing certificate. We’re using Ants SignJar task within the build script for that purpose.

I’m now confronted with the requirement to include a signature timestamp which is supported by the SignJar task (tsaurl) as well. Unfortunately, I’m behind a corporate proxy and as Gradle (as of 2.8) ships only with Ant 1.9.3 I’m not able to supply required proxy settings to the task. SignJar supports proxy settings starting from Ant 1.9.5.

Are there any plans to update the Ant binding (at the time of writing 1.9.6) in the near future?

As a workaround you could save the SignJar task’s source code as and load it as signjar2 using a custom taskdef

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Thanks Lance, that approach works great!