Importing multiple ANT builds


I’m trying to migrate maven project to gradle.
Some of the sources are generated via ANT builds that convert WSDL to java using axis2.
All files contain tasks with names “init” and “generate_axis2_client”
So I tried to import multiple files and set prefix for tasks accordingly.
But it does not work as I expected.
For some reason tasks with the same name get overridden even before I can rename them.
output here
Is it supposed to work like that?
Is there any other decent way to run multiple ANT builds except for “exec”?

UPD: Scripts has macrodef with the same names. And those get redefined. Still I can find any normal way to run those files.

As a workaround you could create a submodule for each ant file in a multi-module build so that each has its own AntBuilder instance

I guess that could work.
(Though it would be nice to be able to just specify file and task name, like I do in maven)

Thank you.

You’ll be able to gradle :submodule:task which is pretty much the same