Import SWT into gradle

Hi, I am looking to import org.eclipse’s swt library into my java project.
I found the pom file for swt on maven at:

however when I added it to my build.gradle I received the following error:
Project 'L-CAD Main' is missing required library: '/home/ashley/unresolved dependency - org.eclipse swt 3.3.0'

If I understand this right this means it can’t find the dependency, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Does anyone have any ideas?

For SWT 4.6.2 and forwards, you can use goomph for this, specifically the mavencentral plugin.


apply plugin: 'com.diffplug.gradle.eclipse.mavencentral'
eclipseMavenCentral {
    release '4.7.0', {
        compile 'org.eclipse.swt'