Hi all, I know this probably isnt the correct place to ask but i’ve been asking on discord channels i’ve been googling it watching videos i’ve requested help on the unity forum, but nobody is replying and im not sure if its because its a dumb question or nobody knows lol…

Basically i’ve been messing about with coding and making my 1st few games on unity i’ve completed my 2nd project and thought i would go through the motions of setting up in game banner ads first of all i set it up as an app that was targeted at above 13 year olds just to see how it all worked and I got it working fairly simply with ad bidding etc via ironsource mediation.

Obviously im still learning and i found out that my app was more targeted for under 13’s and because of this it falls under the COPPA rules of not tracking AD IDs etc, so I followed these pages " COPPA and child-directed apps - IronSource Knowledge Center " and " " However I am stuck on where to stick this line " implementation " The maintemplate.Gradle doesn’t exist in the project so I have no idea how to update the gradle or what this implementation even does… :frowning: .

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Fubsy is a library.

implementation '' within the dependencies { ... } block adds this library as implementation dependency to your project, if you are using Groovy DSL.

Where you need to add it is impossible to guess as you did provide no information at all about your project. But you probably have a build.gradle or build.gradle.kts file somewhere. As it is Android and you probably followed some guide or template where you have a root build script and one in app/ for your application, you would add it to the one in app/.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. In unity go to Edit->Project Settings …
  2. In the Project Settings window goto the “Player” settings
  3. Click on the Android settings tab
  4. Scroll down and expand the “Publishing Settings”
  5. You should see “Custom Main Template Gradle” setting, check that box
  6. This will create a file at Assets/Plugins/Android/mainTemplate.gradle
  7. You should now use the Mobile Dependency Resolver to resolve for android … choose “force resolve”
  8. Now open that mainTemplate.gradle file in a text editor
  9. You should see a dependencies { } block with implementation listed for each dependency that was resolved.
  10. Add this line: implementation ‘’

Make sure you add the line after the line that is implementation fileTree(dir: ‘libs’, include: [‘*.jar’])

Should be all good.
If it messes things up just remove that line… or uncheck the custom template and you are back to where you were.