"IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch" when running inside a GradleBuild task

My release process fails with this weird “IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch” in a task that normally runs fine.
My guess is that it fails because it is run inside a GradleBuild task, but I don’t understand why that is an issue.
Can I fix this somehow? Am I doing something wrong?

Build Scan: https://scans.gradle.com/s/xptwsho67p57y
Project: https://github.com/ACRA/acra/tree/ca154fdeaf2da03ac687843d9ebf26e641763bc0
Release plugin which creates the GradleBuild: https://github.com/F43nd1r/gradle-release/tree/6f1536aa07a7973300e24710c1b5a156d8a17c5b